Literacy Support

Literacy Support is offered to the students from Years 2 to 5 who are experiencing difficulties with Reading, Writing and Spelling. The groups are kept to a maximum of twelve, but usually are less than that, so that each student can be given individual assistance.

The students who come for Reading are working through the STARS comprehension program, which is designed to improve skills in the twelve strategies of reading comprehension.

Those students who have difficulties with Spelling are given plenty of opportunities to learn and utilise particular spelling rules, which will assist their understanding of the patterns that make up most of our words in the English language. Much of the reinforcement of these rules is done through board games. In this way the students are learning in a fun way.

The students who come for Writing assistance are given plenty of opportunities to improve their vocabulary, through discussion and exploration of how the use of a range of interesting vocabulary can add dimension to writing. We also focus on basic fundamentals of grammar, such as nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs and conjunctions. Punctuation is a key focus, with the children learning to understand the parts of a sentence and how to punctuate them effectively.