Below we have included instructions below on how to order from the School Canteen.


Online Lunch Tuckshop ordering:


Please click the link to set up a new account,





Online orders must be ordered by 7:30am on the same day.


To Order Lunch Through the Classroom Lunch Tub


Please write on a (brown paper) lunch bag:

  • child's name,
  • current class (e.g. 3A),
  • items to order for lunch.
  • total amount of money,


Please add 20 cents for a lunch order bag, if none supplied.

Place monies in a zip-lock bag and then place into the lunch order bag.

Fold and secure the lunch order bag with rubber band.

Please do not use staples or sticky tape.

Children place the lunch order bag into the lunch tub (in the classroom).

Please remember to change your child's classroom code each new year.



Should you have any questions, please contact Mei.



if you would like to most recent Canteen Menu click