Principal's Message

On behalf of the Doncaster Gardens school community I would like to extend a warm welcome to you and your family.

The contents of this website will help you understand the way our school is organised and the ways in which both you and your child can get the greatest enjoyment and benefit from being part of our school.

Doncaster Gardens has a commitment to the achievement of excellence and the maintenance of an environment where learning is valued and supported by all. Parents and teachers work together in partnership to develop:

  • Learning, growth in self-esteem and sense of identity.
  • Motivated, inquiring, imaginative and independent learners.
  • Mastery of the curriculum, particularly in numeracy and literacy.
  • Decision making and problem solving skills to enable children to achieve their potential.
  • A safe, supportive & caring environment.
  • A technology enriched environment which will prepare children for the future.

As you become acquainted with our school community you will become aware that one of our greatest assets is our cultural diversity. We promote a caring, trusting educational environment that builds self-esteem and reinforces students' feelings of safety, confidence and belief and respect for others.

Parental involvement is valued and parents are encouraged to participate in all facets of school life by sharing their own particular skills and expertise.

At Doncaster Gardens we are committed to:

  • An effective communication process to enhance a strong partnership within our school community.
  • Collaborative decision making processes.
  • Involvement of parents in School Council, sub-committees, learning programs and social activities.
  • Ongoing evaluation of student learning outcomes through continuous monitoring of teaching and learning practices.

The children are guided by caring teachers who are committed to a philosophy of developing a love of learning in all children. Dedicated to professional growth through ongoing professional development, the staff has high expectations of themselves and work collaboratively in teams to develop sound curriculum programs. We strive to accommodate the individual needs of students with tailored programs especially for those students requiring extra assistance or specific extension. We are proud of our special programs and wonderful facilities.

We are sure that your family's association with Doncaster Gardens will be happy and productive.

Carolyn Elliot