School Profile

Doncaster Gardens Primary School emerged in 1997, following the restructure of Waldau and Doncaster East Primary Schools. 

With a school population of about 800 children, the school is situated in a landscaped & well shaded playground environment in Doncaster East.

Doncaster Gardens can truly be called a multi-cultural community with students from over 34 different backgrounds.

At our school we have a continuing commitment to the achievement of excellence and maintenance of an environment where learning is valued and supported by all.

Doncaster Gardens is a wonderful site for children to make their formal beginning to a lifetime of learning. 

School Strategic Plan

School goals and priority areas are set out in the School Strategic Plan and Annual Implementation Plan. This document sets out the directions that the school will take over a three year period. The Strategic Plan identifies the School Profile, Goals, Priorities, Curriculum profile, Codes of Practice for the School Council, Principal, Staff and Community, Student Code of Conduct, Accountability, Monitoring and Reporting procedures, Budget Summary and the Record of Understanding. Copies are available from the office. The Strategic Plan provides the basis for all school operations, curriculum delivery, accountability and resourcing. The 2017-2020 Strategic Plan identifies key priorities and targets, this document can be found under Parent Information - Documents/Policies. 

Doncaster Gardens PS has a comprehensive set of policies covering all school activities. All school policies are reviewed through minor and major evaluation. Those policies that require funding are linked to Program Budgets, which are collectively resourced through the Global Budget allocated to the school by DEECD, additional levies, fundraising and donations. 

School policies are housed in the Policy Manual and along with the School Strategic Plan, are available for loan from the general office.