Parents and Friends Association

The PFA operates as a sub-committee of the School Council. Its function is to assist the school in providing the best possible environment for the children. This is done through fundraising activities eg. Mothers'/Fathers' Day stalls, Chocolate Drives and functions. As well as fundraising, the PFA aims at bringing the community together - therefore non-fundraising activities, dances, dinners, theatre nights etc are also organized. Monthly meetings are held where events are planned. Ongoing communication with School Council is essential. Joining the Parents and Friends committee helps keep communication open within the school community and facilitates the opportunity to develop many new friendships.

Please contact the Parents and Friends Association at

Volunteers Needed

The Parents & Friends Association are looking for volunteers.

Would you like to be part of a dynamic team who contribute to your school community?

If the answer is yes, we would love you to join the Parents and Friends Association.

There are many ways you can get involved with the Parents and Friends Association; you can be a general team member which is integral to the running of this group or take up one of the positions listed below:-

Vice President


We meet once a month and great friendships have been formed along the way which helps to make it all the more enjoyable and fun.

Please feel free to come along to any of our meetings this year to see how rewarding it really is.  We are always open to new ideas.

This year, we have some great events planned and would really love your help.

Please feel free to send an email with your contact details to Julie Daniell or Kristine Drew at and we will happily contact you to answer any queries that you may have regarding joining the team.

Hope to see you there soon.

The Parents & Friends Association



Secondhand Uniform Price List

Please note that the Parents and Friends Association endeavour to hold a minimum of one second hand uniform sale each term. The dates of the sales will be advertised through Compass.

If you have any queries at all relating to the uniform sales, please contact us on at any time.

The prices below are subject to change and are correct at the time of publication.

Vests $8.00
Windcheater $8.00
Track pants $8.00 
Polo Shirts - Long / Short  $8.00
Summer Dresses  $10.00 
Winter Tunics  $15.00 
Culottes  $8.00 
Shorts  $8.00 
Bomber Jackets  $10.00 
School Bags  $5.00 
Sports Tops  $5.00 
Hats  $2.00