School Council

The Doncaster Gardens School Council is made up of elected parents and teachers. Elections for Council occur in March each year.

Council has responsibility for determining the general educational policy of the school within the guidelines issued by the Minister. It makes decisions on curriculum, finance, facilities and community relations.

Areas of responsibility include:
School Strategic plan - a three year agreement with DET, based on the school's goals & priorities
Financial administration and budgeting
Maintenance and improvement of buildings, grounds and fittings
Employment of ancillary staff
Local Selection of the Principal
Hiring of school buildings
Encouraging community interest in school activities

School Council comprises:
Nine non-DET elected members
Four DET elected members (including the Principal)
Up to one co-opted members (nominated by School Council)

Meetings are held at the school at 7:00pm on the second Tuesday in the month. Members of the school community are welcome to attend these meetings. The Council has six committees. Parent membership on these committees is welcomed.

Buildings & Grounds Committee
Education Committee
Finance Committee
Parents & Friends Committee
Out of School Hours Program