School Policies:

Administration of Medication

Anaphylaxis Management

Asthma Management 

Bullying Prevention

Child Safety Reporting and Responding

Complaints Policy

Digital Technology 

Digital Learning Policy

Duty of Care Policy 

Enrolment Policy

First Aid Policy

Internet Policy

Mandatory Reporting policy

Mobile Phone Policy

Parent Payments

Privacy Collection Policy

Respect for School Staff

Statement of Values and School Philosophy 

Student Engagement and Wellbeing Policy

Student Wellbeing and Discipline Policy

Visitor Policy


Other documents:

Child Safe Incident Report 

Child Safe Officer and Flowchart of Responsibility

Child Safety Risk Register

Code of Conduct
Extra Curricular Activities 2020

Four Critical Actions for Schools

Responding to Suspected Child Abuse 

2021 Annual Report to Community
2022 Annual Implementation Plan

For more information please follow the link

2022 Annual Report to Community



The following is a list of Doncaster Gardens Primary School policies, copies of which can be requested at the school office:



 Appropriate Use of Facilities Policy

 Assessment Policy

 Aussie of the Month Policy

 Canteen Policy

 CCTV Policy

 Critical Incident Management Plan

 Curriculum Provision Policy

 Dangerous Goods Policy

 Depreciation Policy

 Design Creativity and Technology Policy

 Dress Code - Out of Uniform Activities Policy

 Duty of Care Policy

 Education Support (ES) Staff Time-in-Lieu Policy

 Electronic Banking Policy

 Emergency Management Policy

 English as an Additional Language (EAL) Policy

 English Policy

 Environment (Buildings and Grounds) Policy

 Equal Opportunity Policy

 Extension Programs Policy

 Finance Policy

 Fundraising Policy

 Gender Education Policy

 Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality Policy

 Harassment Policy

 Head Lice Policy

 Health and Physical Education Policy

 Home Reading Policy

 Homework Policy

 Humanities Policy

 Incursions Policy

 Induction and Mentoring Policy

 International Students Policy

 Internet Acceptable Use Agreement

 Internet Code of Practice

 Internet Policy

 Interstate-Overseas Travel Policy

 Investment Policy

 Junior School Council Policy

 Languages (Mandarin) Policy

 Library Policy

 Management - Tenure Policy

 Mandatory Reporting Policy

 Mathematics Policy

 Medication Policy

 Missing Student Procedure

 Mobile Devices Management Policy

 Occupational Health and Safety Policy

 OHS Consultation and Communication policy

 Online Safety Policy

 Onsite Supervision Policy

 Out of School Hours Care Policy

 Parent Payments, EMA and Voluntary Contributions Policy

 Parents' Concerns and Complaints Procedure

 Privacy Policy

 Professional Learning Policy

 Purchasing Card Policy

 Recycling Policy

 Refund Policy

 Reporting Policy

 School Camps and Excursions Policy

 School Sports Policy

 School Uniform Policy

 School Visitors Policy

 School-Parent Relationships Policy

 Science Policy

 Sensitive Reading Material Policy

 Staff Anti-Bullying Policy

 Staff Dress Code Policy

 Staff Leave Policy

 Staff Wellbeing Policy

 Student Code of Conduct Agreement

 Student Diabetes Management Policy

 Student Engagement and Wellbeing Policy

 Student Images Policy

 Student Leadership Policy

 Students at Educational Risk Policy

 Students with D&I -Severe Language Disorders Policy

 SunSmart Policy

 Sustainability Policy

 Teaching and Learning Policy

 The Arts Policy

 Traffic Safety Policy

 Transition Policy

 Wellbeing and Discipline Policy

 Working With Children Checks Policy