Classrooms at Doncaster Gardens are bright, welcoming spaces that reflect the learning communities that use them. They are well equipped with technology to support the learning needs of the students.

STEAM Centre.

The recently redeveloped STEAM Centre at Doncaster Gardens is a hub of creativity. Comprising a fully equipped Art Room, ICT Centre and Makerspace, the STEAM Centre has all the essentials to stimulate learning and provide students with access to powerful tools including a clay kiln, woodworking equipment,  robotics, computers and 3D printers. All classes are given access to the STEAM Centre on a weekly basis.



Performing Arts Centre
The Performing Arts Centre is a large, open space used for Performing Arts lessons, choir rehearsals, orchestra rehearsals, school assemblies, performances and functions at the school. It is fully carpeted, heated, air conditioned and has television and video facilities. This area also has an adjoining kitchen.


The gym is used for indoor sporting activities, Perceptual Motor Skills (prep) Fundamental Motor Skills (Year 1). It is fully air conditioned. 


Out of School Hours Care (OSH Club) Room

This area has an adjoining kitchen and is used predominantly by Out of School Hours Care

 program but can be used during school hours as an extra teaching space.

Conference Room

The conference room is used by staff, visitors and children as a meeting room and additional teaching space.

Work Spaces

There are many work areas where teachers can work with small groups of children. Most of these rooms have windows to classrooms so children can use these areas and still be supervised by teachers.

A work space for up to 16 students has been created.  This space has an Interactive Whiteboard. This area is used for maths and writing groups and also ESL.

First Aid Room

The first aid room is very well equipped and is centrally located, near the offices and staffroom. The room is staffed by fully trained first-aiders from recess until after lunch and in addition, many teachers are fully trained in first aid so the school can provide care for students throughout the whole school day.


Playground areas are protected with shade cloth. There are several spaces around the school which are designated for certain age groups at certain times to ensure all students have equitable access to our facilities.

The large grassed and Tiger Turf area is used for a variety of games including football, cricket, soccer and other games. The basketball, netball and bat tennis courts are popular play areas. Several synthetic turfed playing areas provide usable spaces throughout all seasons.