Maths helps us make sense of the world around us. It involves skills that we use throughout life. At Doncaster Gardens we have been involved in the Early Numeracy Program since its inception and have been recognised with an award for our program. Students are extended in the classroom and extension classes are provided for children in Years 2,3,4,5 and 6. Numeracy is developed in the following areas:
  • Number
  • Measurement, Chance & Data
  • Space
  • Structure
  • Working Mathematically


Here's a drawbot that Ethan L built in Year 3 Advanced Maths class:

If it's not loading correctly, check that Flash is up to date or try this link.



Here's a maths game that Olivia built in Year 3 Advanced Maths class:


Here's a Sketchup model that Angela created with a decagon. She connected each vertex to all the remaining vertices and then extruded some of the resulting polygons to various heights. If you click on the image, the 3D viewer should load so you can 'fly around' the design.


Here are some more models.



Maths Olympiad

Each year, Doncaster Gardens enters several teams in the Australasian Problem Solving Mathematical Olympiad as well as several other maths competitions.  Congratulations to Amy X and Jeffery W who achieved perfect scores which places them in the top 1% of approximately 30000 participants.


ICAS Maths Competition

Congratulations to Ethan D (Year 3), Lachlan L (Year 5) and Shuana L (Year 5) who have all won gold medals in ICAS Competitions this year. These students achieved the highest score in Victoria which is a great achievement. Ethan won his medal in Maths, Lachlan won his medal in Science and Shuana won her medal in English.