Health and Physical Education

Health and Physical Education covers a diverse range of understandings that encourage children to be active, fit, healthy, safe, cooperative and friendly members of our society. 

A swimming program is conducted for children from Prep-4. Children in Years 5 and 6 are involved in an interschool sporting program and an intraschool program is conducted for children in Years 3 and 4.

Sport News

District Athletics

Last term 70 students from year 3-6 competed at the Doncaster District Athletics Carnival. The students earnt their place in the team through their performance at our school’s carnival early in the year. The team trained hard during the lead up to the event and were excited about the challenge ahead. The day started with the Field and 1500m events. We had a number of great performances throughout the morning with many of our students recording PB’S. The focus soon turned to the Track events with students competing in events such as 100m, 200m and Hurdles. There were some very close finishes during the track events with our students striving to achieve their personal best.

The competition concluded with the circular relay events. This was a real highlight for our school as we managed to win five out of the six races. The students in the relays combined great speed with excellent teamwork and it was a great way to finish the carnival.

The relay wins played a major part in the overall score. For the first time in 5 years, our school managed to win the District Championship, just finishing ahead of Donburn PS.

Congratulations to all members of our Athletics team. There were some outstanding individual and team performances and you all contributed to the overall success of the team. Thank you to all the parents who came down and supported the team. The roar from the crowd when the overall placings were announced was incredible. Good luck to the following students who have qualified to compete at the Division Carnival.

Jennifer L- 6B- 200m, 800m, 4 x 100m
Niamh L- 6A- 80m Hurdles
Irene J- 6D- 4 x 100m
Jamie Y- 6A- 4 x 100m
Georgia M-6B- 4 x 100m
Stephania T-5C- 80m Hurdles, 4 x 100m
Amelia N- 5C- 4 x 100m
Mary T- 5C- 4 x 100m
Katelin P- 6C- 4 x 100m
Samantha F- 5B- High Jump
Juliet E- 4A- Shot Put
Jake C- 4D- 800m, 1500m, 4 x 100m
Jeremy J- 6C- 80m Hurdles, Long Jump, 4 x 100m
Will M- 6A- High Jump
Ethan C-6A- Discus
George S- 6B- 4 x 100m
Kevin C-6A- 4 x 100m
Jack C-5A- 1500m
Brodie M- 5B- Shot Put, Discus, 4 x 100m
Sebastian K- 5C- 4 X 100m
Luke Q- 6B- 4 x 100m
Stamos K- 5C- 4 x 100m
Ethan W- 4D- 100m, 200m, 4 x 100m
Jonathan Y- 5B- Shot Put
Tien Ji C- 4A- 4 x 100m
Evan V- 3C- 4 x 100m
Leroy F- 4A- 4 x 100m

Past News:

Team Vic & District Cross Country

Team Vic Swimming Team

Congratulations to Angela L who has been selected in the Victorian State Swimming team that will compete in the National Championship in Adelaide from December 2. Angela has achieved some outstanding results this year through her school and club programs. She recently finished second in the SSV State Championships in the 10-year-old Breastroke. The nomination process for the Team Vic teams varies from sport to sport. To be eligible Angela had to send her times into the subcommittee who then chose a squad according to the times provided. Well done Angela we look forward to hearing about your experiences in the Victorian team.

Team Vic Selections

Good luck to Zac P and Jennifer L who have their next trial for their respective Team Vic Selections. Jennifer has made it through to the regional stage of the Team Vic Basketball trials. Zac has made it through to the combined Country/Metropolitan stage of the Team Vic Soccer trials. Well done to both students on their achievements so far and all the best for your upcoming trial.

District Cross Country

Last month we had 60 students from year 4-6 represent our school at the District Cross Country. The event was held at Ruffey Lake Park. The squad had trained hard leading up to the event and our students seemed to have a mixture of excitement and nerves as we approached the day. The students in the squad had earned their place by finishing in the top 10 in their age group at our school cross-country. As usual, our students pushed themselves during their races and achieved some fantastic results for themselves and the school. As a school, we managed to finish second overall, which is a huge improvement on our 4th position in 2016.

Congratulations to all the students who competed at the District Cross Country. Your attitude towards your training and on race day was outstanding. We had a record number of students qualify to run at the Division Cross Country. These students were able to finish in the top 10 in their particular race. The following students will compete at the Division Cross Country at Yarra Glen Racecourse on June 13.

10-Year-Old Girls

Angela L- 3rd

Grace P- 7th

Lucy P- 9th

Olivia- 10th

11 Boys

Sebastian K- 2nd

Brodie M- 4th

Jack C- 10th

11 Girls

Amilia N- 4th

Amanda M- 9th

12 Boys 

Christian L- 2nd

12 Girls

Jennifer L- 1st

Christina I- 3rd

Jamie- 10th

Eastern Region Swimming

On March 17, five of our talented students competed in the Eastern Metropolitan Region Swimming Carnival. The students qualified for the carnival by winning through at District and Division level. The competition was of a very high standard on the day, something that we have come to expect when our students make it to the Region level. Throughout the day, we had students competing in individual events and two relay events.

Congratulations to Olivia M, Angela L, Lucy G and Lucy P who were the four girls who represented the school in the 10 year old Freestyle relay. The girls managed to finish third in their race which is an incredible effort considering the number of schools who compete in the Eastern Metropolitan Region.

Olivia, Angela and Lucy P where then joined by Shuana in the open girls medley race. The girls raced in the open section, which means they were competing against all age groups. Our team consisted of three year 4 students and one year 6. The majority of their competitors were Year 6 students. The girls gave it their all and were able to finish in sixth position.

We also had Olivia and Angela competing in their individual events. Olivia raced in the 9/10 year old Backstroke. Although it is not Olivia’s favourite stroke you pushed herself and was able to finish in sixth position. This is really an outstanding result considering Olivia has only turned 9 this year, so will qualify to compete in the 9/10 year old age group again next year.

Angela had managed to qualify for two events at the Region Carnival, 10 year Butterfly and 10 year Breastroke. In her Butterfly event, Angela swam hard all the way down the length of the pool and was able to finish a very close second.  The best was yet to come however. In her Breastroke race, Angela was neck and neck with another swimmer for the majority of the race. In the last 15 metres, Angela gradually extended her lead and was able to win the event quite comfortably. The win has meant that Angela will now compete at the State Championships at MSAC on April 26th. A wonderful achievement for someone who puts hours of practice into her chosen sport. Congratulations to all the girls who competed so well at the Region Championships and good luck to Angela as she takes the next step in her swimming career. 

Nick Daniel