Science Talent Search

2016 Science Talent Search – Drones, Droids and Robots

The Science Talent Search is a long running competition that gives students the chance to investigate any Science concept they're interested in. Lachlan in Year 5 created this video on quadcopters and was awarded a major bursary for his efforts. Congratulations to Lachlan and all of our Science Talent Search entrants.

For all of the details of this year’s STS, please carefully read the STS Handbook 2016.

Key Dates:

Monday May 23: Final day to register with Mrs Giannetakis

Wednesday May 25: Final day to pay on Compass

Friday July 15: Experimental Research and Creative Writing to be submitted to Mrs Giannetakis

Saturday August 6: Judging day for all other categories – students to take their assignments to the judging venue.

The creative writing and scientific poster topics are as follows:

Creative writing:

1. The Cyborg Olympics

2. The best robot ever

3. Help me...

4. I'm an android. My name is...

Scientific posters:

1. Robots in space

2. Industrial Robots

3. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a...